Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2023; 31(2): 141~239
Structural Insights for β-Lactam Antibiotics
Dogyeoung Kim, Sumin Kim, Yongdae Kwon, Yeseul Kim, Hyunjae Park, Kiwoong Kwak, Hyeonmin Lee, Jung Hun Lee, Kyung-Min Jang, Donghak Kim, Sang Hee Lee and Lin-Woo Kang
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2023; 31(2): 141-147  
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Phytochemicals That Act on Synaptic Plasticity as Potential Prophylaxis against Stress-Induced Depressive Disorder
Soojung Yoon, Hamid Iqbal, Sun Mi Kim and Mirim Jin
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2023; 31(2): 148-160  
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Original Articles
Hycanthone Inhibits Inflammasome Activation and Neuroinflammation-Induced Depression-Like Behaviors in Mice
Kyung-Jun Boo, Edson Luck Gonzales, Chilly Gay Remonde, Jae Young Seong, Se Jin Jeon, Yeong-Min Park, Byung-Joo Ham and Chan Young Shin
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2023; 31(2): 161-167  
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Tramadol as a Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Blocker of Peripheral Sodium Channels Nav1.7 and Nav1.5
Chan-Su Bok, Ryeong-Eun Kim, Yong-Yeon Cho and Jin-Sung Choi
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2023; 31(2): 168-175  
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Structure–Activity Relationship and Evaluation of Phenethylamine and Tryptamine Derivatives for Affinity towards 5-Hydroxytryptamine Type 2A Receptor
Shujie Wang, Anlin Zhu, Suresh Paudel, Choon-Gon Jang, Yong Sup Lee and Kyeong-Man Kim
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2023; 31(2): 176-182  
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NJK14047 Suppression of the p38 MAPK Ameliorates OVA-Induced Allergic Asthma during Sensitization and Challenge Periods
Ju-Hyun Lee, Seung-Hwan Son, Nam-Jung Kim and Dong-Soon Im
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2023; 31(2): 183-192  
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The Effect of Luteolin on the Modulation of Vascular Contractility via ROCK and CPI-17 Inactivation
Hyuk-Jun Yoon, Dae Hong Kang, Fanxue Jin, Joon Seok Bang, Uy Dong Sohn and Hyun Dong Je
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2023; 31(2): 193-199  
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Picropodophyllotoxin Inhibits Cell Growth and Induces Apoptosis in Gefitinib-Resistant Non-Small Lung Cancer Cells by Dual-Targeting EGFR and MET
Jin-Young Lee, Bok Yun Kang, Sang-Jin Jung, Ah-Won Kwak, Seung-On Lee, Jin Woo Park, Sang Hoon Joo, Goo Yoon, Mee-Hyun Lee and Jung-Hyun Shim
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2023; 31(2): 200-209  
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Megakaryocyte-Derived IL-8 Acts as a Paracrine Factor for Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness through CXCR2 Activation and Antagonistic AR Downregulation
Sadan Dahal, Prakash Chaudhary, Yi-Sook Jung and Jung-Ae Kim
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2023; 31(2): 210-218  
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8-Methoxypsoralen Induces Apoptosis by Upregulating p53 and Inhibits Metastasis by Downregulating MMP-2 and MMP-9 in Human Gastric Cancer Cells
Eun Kyoung Choi, Hae Dong Kim, Eun Jung Park, Seuk Young Song, Tien Thuy Phan, Miyoung Nam, Minjung Kim, Dong-Uk Kim and Kwang-Lae Hoe
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2023; 31(2): 219-226  
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4-F-PCP, a Novel PCP Analog Ameliorates the Depressive-Like Behavior of Chronic Social Defeat Stress Mice via NMDA Receptor Antagonism
Darlene Mae D. Ortiz, Mikyung Kim, Hyun Jun Lee, Chrislean Jun Botanas, Raly James Perez Custodio, Leandro Val Sayson, Nicole Bon Campomayor, Chaeyeon Lee, Yong Sup Lee, Jae Hoon Cheong and Hee Jin Kim
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2023; 31(2): 227-239  
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Chronicles of EGFR Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors: Targeting EGFR C797S Containing Triple Mutations
Krishna Babu Duggirala, Yujin Lee and Kwangho Lee
Received: March 12, 2021; Revised: April 29, 2021; Accepted: May 7, 2021
Diabetic Nephropathy – a Review of Risk Factors, Progression, Mechanism, and Dietary Management
Vijayakumar Natesan and Sung-Jin Kim
Received: November 11, 2020; Revised: January 18, 2021; Accepted: March 26, 2021
Neuronal Autophagy: Characteristic Features and Roles in Neuronal Pathophysiology
McNeil Valencia, Sung Rae Kim, Yeseul Jang and Sung Hoon Lee
Received: January 14, 2021; Revised: March 2, 2021; Accepted: March 23, 2021

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