The Korean Society of Applied Pharmacology 2011; 19(3): 267-273  
Syndecan as a Messenger to Link Diabetes and Cancer
Sung-Jin Kim* and OS Sethu Raman
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, School of Dentistry, Kyung Hee University, Seoul 130-701, Republic of Korea
Sung-Jin Kim
Received: March 31, 2011; Revised: May 19, 2011; Accepted: May 19, 2011; Published online: July 31, 2011.
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Syndecans are membrane-anchored proteoglycans and implicated in the pathogenesis of cancer progression and metastasis. Syndecans also play important roles in interacting with growth factors, extracellular matrix and other cell surface molecules such as IGF-1 receptor. In the present review, we discuss about the syndecan structure, their role in signaling with other receptors, in addition to its general biology. The emerging roles of syndecans in the pathophysiology of human diseases, especially insulin resistance, diabetes and cancer is discussed.
Keywords: Syndecans, Insulin resistance, Diabetes and cancer

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