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Fig. 5. Current-voltage relationships and voltage-independent inhibition by quercetin and its glycosides. (A) Current-voltage relationships of IACh regulation by quercetin in the oocytes expressing α7 nAChRs. Representative current-voltage relationships were obtained using voltage ramps of ?100 to +50 mV for 300 ms at a holding potential of 80 mV. Voltage steps were applied before and after application of 200 μM ACh in the absence or presence of 100 μM quercetin, Rham1, Rutin, and Rham2. Each point represents the mean ± S.E.M. (n=7?9/group). (B) Voltage-independent regulation of IACh in oocytes expressing α7 nAChRs by quercetin and quercetin glycosides (100 μM each). The values were obtained in the presence of 200 μM ACh at the indicated membrane holding potentials. Each point represents the mean ± SEM (n=8?12/group).
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