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Fig. 4. Concentration-dependent effects of ACh on quercetin- and quercetin glycoside-mediated regulation of IACh. (A) Concentration-response relationships for oocytes expressing the α7 nAChRs treated with ACh (3?3000 μM) alone or with ACh plus 100 μM quercetin and 100 μM quercetin glycoside. The IACh of oocytes expressing α7 nAChRs was measured using the indicated concentration of ACh in the absence (□) or presence of quercetin (Que), Rham1, Rutin and Rham2. Oocytes were exposed to ACh alone or to ACh with quercetin and quercetin glycosides for 30 s before application. Oocytes were voltage-clamped at a holding potential of ?80 mV.
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