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Fig. 4. RBN abrogated p300 occupancy to the promoter regions of CD38 and inhibited the acetylation of histone H3K9. (A) The sequence of mouse CD38. The conserved motifs for TATA box and E2A binding were predicted by comparing the conserved sequence for each factors (TATA box, M00252 from TRANSFAC; E2A, M00973 from TRANFAC). Mouse CD38 sequence was referred from Chromosome 5, NC_000071.7. (B) AML-12 cells were treated with RBN w/wo OPA for 24 h, and ChIP assays were performed using the indicated antibodies. The precipitated samples were analyzed by qRT-PCR. The values are presented as the means ± SD of three independent experiments. The means with different superscript letters are significantly different, p<0.05.
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