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Fig. 9. The effect of the MA on the Melanoderm™, 3D human pigmented epidermis model. Melanoderm™ was treated with MA (2,500-5,000 µg/mL) and kojic acid (10,000 µg/mL) every other day for 16 days. (A) Color of the 3D human skin tissue model on Day 0 and Day 16; (B) Degree of lightness of the tissues was measured by the ∆L value compared with the lightness of tissues on Day 0. (C) Tissues on Day 16 were stained with H&E and FM. (D) The relative area of melanocytes and the number of melanocytes of stained tissues were calculated by image J software. Data are presented as the mean ± SD (n=3, ###p<0.001, ##p<0.01, and #p<0.05 compared with the control group).
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