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Table. 4.

Mechanisms induced by carnosic acid in different cancer models (in-vivo), (NA, Not available)

Cancer type Animal models Treatment concentrations Mechanism of action References

MHCC97-H inoculated mice

Bel7402 inoculated mice

10 and 20 mg/kg NA Tang et al., 2016
CRC AOM-induced high-fat diet mice 0.01-0.02% Inhibition of Akt Kim et al., 2014
Breast cancer MCF-7 inoculated mice 30 mg/kg Activation of Caspase-3 Han et al., 2017
Lung cancer

HCC827 inoculated mice

H358 inoculated mice

30 mg/kg Activation of TRAIL/Caspase pathway Shi et al., 2017
Cisplatin Resistant Lewis Lung cancer Mice 10 mg/kg Inhibition of Myeloid-Derived suppressor cells Wen et al., 2018
Prostate cancer 22Rv1 inoculated mice 100 mg/kg Decreased expression of AR Petiwala et al., 2016
Oral cancer

CAL27 inoculated mice

SCC9 inoculated mice

20 mg/kg Induction of Mitochondrial apoptotic pathway Min et al., 2021
Melanoma B16F10 inoculated mice 50 mg/kg Enhance BCNU- and CCNU anti-tumor effect Lin et al., 2018
Leukemia K562/A02 inoculated NOD/SCID mice 1 % (V/V) NA Wang et al., 2015
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