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Fig. 3. LicoD induces cell cycle arrest in EGF- or TPA-induced JB6 cells. (A) Flow cytometry analysis of EGF or TPA-induced JB6 cells treated with different concentrations of LicoD for 18 h. The representative images are shown. (B, C) The cell cycle distribution measured with a flowcytometry was represented as bar graphs. The effect of LicoD on the expression of proteins associated with cell cycle in EGF- (D, E) or TPA- (F, G) induced JB6 cells was investigated. JB6 cells were treated with EGF or TPA with 0, 2.5, 5, and 10 μM LicoD. The cell lysates were performed to western blotting using CyclinD1 and p21 antibodies. β-actin was used as a loading control. Densitometry quantification of proteins compared to β-actin is represented as the means ± SD. Significantly different at: ###p<0.001 compared to the control; **p<0.01 and ***p<0.001 compared to group treated with EGF or TPA only.
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