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Fig. 3. AQP3-knockdown keratinocytes elevate extracellular ROS concentrations under H2O2 treatment, leading to melanocyte apoptosis. (A-B) Intracellular (A) and extracellular (culture supernatant) (B) ROS concentrations in cultured keratinocytes, with or without AQP3 knockdown after H2O2 treatment. (C-D) MTT assay for cell survival (C) and LDH release for cytotoxicity of primary cultured adult human melanocytes using culture supernatants obtained from AQP3-knockdown keratinocytes cultured in the presence of H2O2. The data represent the means ± SD from four independent experiments. *p<0.05 vs control keratinocytes [con (-)], #p<0.05 vs relative ratios in AQP3-knockdown keratinocytes [AQP3 (-)] without H2O2 treatment.
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