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Fig. 3. CKD-581 decreases the expression of cell cycle related proteins and induces apoptosis in MM. (A, B) Effects of CKD-581 and SAHA on CDK4 and cyclin D1 expression. (A) 30-1000 nM CKD-581 or 30-3000 nM SAHA was treated on MM.1S cells for 24 h. (B) CKD-581 (30-1000 nM) or 1000 nM SAHA was treated on RPMI8226 for 24 h (left). RPMI8226 cells were treated with 300 nM CKD-581 according to time course (right). After treatment, total cell lysates were analyzed by immunoblotting for CDK4 and cyclin D1. (C) Flow-cytometry analysis. MM.1S and RPMI8226 cells were treated with CKD-581 for 24 h. And cell cycle populations were determined using flow-cytometry. (D) Cleaved caspase-3 was detected by immunoblotting. Data represent mean ± SEM (significant vs. control; *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ***p<0.001). C, control; S, 1000 nM SAHA.
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