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Fig. 7. Association of high HAS2 levels with NRF2 activation and poor clinical outcome in breast cancer patients. (A) HAS2 amplification rate across 32 types of tumor. (B) Overall survival rates of 32 types of tumor patients with amplified HAS2 (n=554) vs unamplified HAS2 (n=9,262). (C) Overall survival rates of breast cancer patients with high HAS2 mRNA levels (n=22) vs unaltered mRNA levels (n=974). (D, E) Correlation of HAS2 mRNA levels (HAS2-high and unaltered) with AKR1C1 (D) and GCLM (E) mRNA levels. Values are shown in (RNA Seq V2 RSEM) in log2 scale. All plots generated by cBioPortal were modified.
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