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Fig. 3. PRR16 binds to and inhibits ABI2. (A) Confirmation of the interaction between PRR16 and ABI2. (B, C) Effect of PRR16 expression on ABI2 expression. In MCF7 cells, an HA-tagged control (CTR) or PRR16 was overexpressed, and the interaction between PRR16 and ABI2 was verified by immunoprecipitation with HA-specific antibody. MCF7 and SK-BR-3 cells were transfected with plasmid DNA to overexpress PRR16, while MDA-MB-231 cells were transfected with siRNA to decrease PRR16 expression. The protein levels of ABI2, PRR16, β-actin were validated using Western blot. Confocal microscopic analysis validated the protein levels of ABI2.
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