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Fig. 6. Anti-tumor efficacy of inRas37 and BEZ-235 co-treatment on MIA PaCa-2 xenograft tumor model. (A-C) The antitumor efficacy of inRas37 and BEZ-235 co-treatment were analyzed by measuring the tumor sizes. All xenograft tumors were established by subcutaneous injection of MIA PaCa-2 (5×106 cells/200 μL PBS) cells in the flank. As the tumor volume reached between 50 and 100 mm3, mice were intravenously administered 30 mg/kg inRas37 three times a week and intraperitoneally administered 30 mg/kg BEZ-235 three times a week for 23 days (n=5, per group). After 23 days of treatment, the tumor was excised, and the tumor weight was measured. (D) H&E and TUNEL staining of tumor tissues, and expressions of the KRAS downstream signaling (p-AKT, p-MEK, and p-ERK) in tumor tissues were assessed using immunofluorescence staining after co-treatment with inRas37 and/or BEZ-235. Scale bar, 50 μm. (E) A schema depicting the mechanism of inRas37 and BEZ-235 co-treatment. Data are presented as the means ± SD *p<0.05, and **p<0.01.
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