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Table. 1.

Table 1 Classification of human P450s based on major substrate class

Steroids Xenobiotics Fatty acids Eicosanoids Vitamin Unknown
1B1* 1A1* 2J2 2U1 2R1* 2A7
7A1* 1A2* 2S1 4F2 24A1** 4X1
7B1 2A6* 2U1 4F3 26B1 20A1
8B1 2A13* 4A11 4F8 26C1
11A1* 2B6* 4A22 5A1 27B1
11B1* 2C8* 4B1** 8A1* 27C1
11B2* 2C9* 4F11
17A1* 2C18 4F12
19A1* 2C19* 4F22
21A2* 2D6* 4V2
27A1 2E1* 4Z1
39A1 2F1
46A1* 2W1
51A1* 3A4*

This classification is somewhat arbitrary in some cases, e.g., P450s 1B1 and 27A1 could be grouped in either of two different categories.

*Crystal structure available. **Crystal structure of animal orthologue available.

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