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Fig. 3. Lithocholic acid (LCA) increases intracellular calcium levels through Mrgprb2. (A, B) HEK293T cells transiently expressing mouse Mrgprb2 (Mrgprb2-HEK293T) were treated with either LCA (100 µM) and DCA (100 µM). (n=2,350 cells and n=3211 cells, respectively) (C) Representative fluorescent images of Mrgprb2-HEK293T at initial (0 s) and peak time points. Scale bars=100 µm. (D) Taurolithocholic acid (TLCA; 100 µM) induced marginal responses in Mrgprb2-HEK293T. (n=3,164 cells) (E) A summary of peak F/F0 from the Mrgprb2-HEK293T after treatment of different concentration ranges of LCA. Cells without Mrgprb2 expression did not show an increase in intracellular calcium levels (pcDNA, n=1,684 cells). (F) Concentration-effect curves with LCA on Mrgprb2-HEK293T (R2=0.9546).
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