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Fig. 5. Effect of GA or CDDP on the expressions of PI3K/Akt pathway related proteins. A549 cells were seeded at a density of 6×105 cells in cell culture dishes and treated with NC (0.1% DMSO), CDDP (12 μM) and GA (75 μM) for 48 h. (A) The protein expressions involved in the PI3K/Akt pathway such as PI3K, Akt, and p-Akt (Ser473 and Thr308) were determined by Western blot assay. (B) The expression levels of each protein were normalized to GAPDH for PI3K, and Akt for p-Akt (Ser473 and Thr308), and quantified. Data are expressed as means ± SD from three independent experiments. *p<0.05 vs. NC (0.1% DMSO).
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