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Fig. 4. Melatonin restores the cell cycle and expression patterns of cell cycle-associated proteins in chronic kidney disease mouse-derived mesenchymal stem cells (CKD-mMSCs). (A) Cell cycle analysis of control mouse MSCs (Nor-mMSCs) and CKD-mMSCs using flow cytometry. (B) Immunoblotting data showing the expression of cell cycle-associated proteins, CDK2, cyclin E, CDK4, and cyclin D1, in Nor-mMSCs, CKD-mMSCs, CKD-mMSCs with melatonin treatment, or melatonin-treated CKD-mMSCs pre-treated with luzindole. Band signals from western blotting were quantified by densitometry and were normalized to β-actin levels (n=3). Values represent the mean ± SEM. *p<0.05 or **p<0.01 vs. Nor-mMSCs; #p<0.05 or ##p<0.01 vs. CKD-mMSCs; $$p<0.01 vs. melatonin treated CKD-mMSCs.
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