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Fig. 4. Protective effects of transduced Tat-Trx1 protein on ischemic injury. Gerbils were treated with single injections Tat-Trx1 (2 mg/kg) proteins and killed after 7 days (n=10 per groups). Then, the effects of transduced Tat-Trx1 protein on neuronal cell viability after ischemic insults using immunostaining. (A) The hippocampus was stained with CV and (B) Iba-1, GFAP, F-JB in sham-, vehicle-, Tat-Trx1-, Trx1- and Tat peptide-treated animals 7 days after I/R. Relative numeric analysis of CV-, Iba-1-, GFAP- and F-JB-positive neurons in CA1 region. Scale bar=400 and 50 μm. The brains from each group were harvested. (C) The intracellular ROS level was measured using an ROS assay kit. (D, E) Analysis of HNE and endogenous Trx1 protein levels. The levels of 4-HNE and endogenous Trx1 protein in the brain were analyzed by Western blot analysis using a 4-HNE and Trx1 antibody. *p<0.05, significantly different from the vehicle group.
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