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Fig. 1. Purification and transduction of Tat-Trx1 protein into HT-22 cells. (A) Diagrams of the expressed Tat-Trx1 proteins. (B) Purified Tat-Trx1 and Trx1 proteins were identified by 15% SDS-PAGE and detected by Western blot analysis using an anti-histidine antibody. (C) Transduction of Tat-Trx1 proteins into HT-22 cells. HT-22 cell culture media were treated with Tat-Trx1 protein at different doses (0.5-5 μM) or with the Trx1 protein for 1 h. (D) The cell culture media were treated with Tat-Trx1 protein (5 μM) or Trx1 protein for different time periods (10-100 min). (E) Intracellular stability of transduced Tat-Trx1 protein. HT-22 cell culture media were incubated for 24 h after transduction of Tat-Trx1 protein for 1 h. Transduction of Tat-Trx1 protein was measured by Western blotting and the intensity of the bands was measured by a densitometer. (F) The localization of transduced Tat-Trx1 protein was examined by confocal fluorescence microscopy. Scale bar=20 μm. The bars in the figure represent the mean ± SEM obtained from 3 independent experiments.
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