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Fig. 3. CYM50358 protects against airway inflammation. (A) Panels show H&E-stained sections of lung tissues from the PBS group, OVA group, and CYM50358-treated OVA groups (before sensitization or before challenge). Small navy blue dots around the bronchioles indicates eosinophils. Eosinophils are scarcely observed in the PBS group, whereas they are densely accumulated around bronchioles in the OVA group (green arrows). However, eosinophil accumulation was less obvious in the OVA+CYM50358 groups than in the OVA group. (B) Lung inflammation was semi-quantitatively evaluated; histological findings were scored as described in the Materials and methods section. Values represent the means ± SEs (n=5). ***p<0.001 vs. the PBS-treated group, ###p<0.001 vs. the OVA-treated group.
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