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Fig. 1. Dasatinib inhibits antigen-stimulated degranulation in MCs. (A) The chemical structure of dasatinib. (B) The amount of β-hexo­saminidase released from RBL-2H3 and BMMCs. DNP-specific IgE primed RBL-2H3 cells (2.0×105 cells/well) and BMMCs (3.0×105 cells/tube) were stimulated for 15 min by 50 ng/ml antigen with or without the pre-incubating of dasatinib or PP2 for 30 min. (C) Incubation with or without dasatinib for 4 h in MCs and analysis of cytotoxicity by CCK-8. More detail described in the section of “Materials and Methods”. The values represent the mean ± SEM from 3 independent experiments. *p<0.05 and **p<0.01 indicates significant differences compared to antigen only (B). PP2 was used as a typical Src-family kinase inhibitor.
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