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Fig. 6. The expression level of Iba-1 in 5XFAD mice. Western blot analysis and immunostaining were conducted 12 weeks after the Theracurmin administration. The expression levels of Iba-1 and the representative photomicrographs of Iba-1 immunostaining in the cortex (A) and the hippocampus (B) were presented. The last administration of Theracurmin (100, 300 or 1,000 mg/kg) or vehicle solution was performed 1 h before sacrifice. The increased expression levels of Iba-1, a marker of active microglia, in 5XFAD mice were reversed by Theracurmin administration. The photomicrographs of the magnified Iba-1 positive microglia (⇒) were shown in the upper panel. Immunoreactivity in the western blotting was normalized to controls is presented as mean ± SEM (n=5–6/group). *p<0.05 when compared to the control group; #p<0.05 when compared to the vehicle-treated group. Magnification: 100× and 400× (right upper side of each 100×), respectively. Bar=100 μm.
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