Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(2): 91~222
Therapeutic Potential of Medicinal Plants and Their Constituents on Lung Inflammatory Disorders
Hyun Pyo Kim, Hyun Lim, and Yong Soo Kwon
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(2): 91-104  
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Original Articles
Rosmarinic Acid Potentiates Pentobarbital-Induced Sleep Behaviors and Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) Sleep through the Activation of GABAA-ergic Systems
Yeong Ok Kwon, Jin Tae Hong, and Ki-Wan Oh
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(2): 105-111  
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Expression Levels of GABA-A Receptor Subunit Alpha 3, Gabra3 and Lipoprotein Lipase, Lpl Are Associated with the Susceptibility to Acetaminophen-Induced Hepatotoxicity
Minjeong Kim, Jun-Won Yun, Kyeho Shin, Yejin Cho, Mijeong Yang, Ki Taek Nam, and Kyung-Min Lim
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(2): 112-121  
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The Abuse Potential of α-Piperidinopropiophenone (PIPP) and α-Piperidinopentiothiophenone (PIVT), Two New Synthetic Cathinones with Piperidine Ring Substituent
Chrislean Jun Botanas, Seong Shoon Yoon, June Bryan de la Peña, Irene Joy dela Peña, Mikyung Kim, Taeseon Woo, Joung-Wook Seo, Choon-Gon Jang, Kyung-Tae Park, Young Hun Lee, Yong Sup Lee, Hee Jin Kim, and Jae Hoon Cheong
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(2): 122-129  
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Enforced Expression of CXCR5 Drives T Follicular Regulatory-Like Features in Foxp3+ T Cells
Young Uk Kim, Byung-Seok Kim, Hoyong Lim, Rick A. Wetsel, and Yeonseok Chung
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(2): 130-139  
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Restoration of Declined Immune Responses and Hyperlipidemia by Rubus occidenalis in Diet-Induced Obese Mice
Youngjoo Lee, Jiyeon Kim, Jinho An, Sungwon Lee, Heetae Lee, Hyunseok Kong, Youngcheon Song, Hye Ran Choi, Ji-Wung Kwon, Daekeun Shin, Chong-Kil Lee, and Kyungjae Kim
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(2): 140-148  
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Intranasal Administration of Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist in a Transient Focal Cerebral Ischemia Rat Model
Jae Hoon Lee, Eun Hee Kam, Jeong Min Kim, So Yeon Kim, Eun Jeong Kim, So Yeong Cheon, and Bon-Nyeo Koo
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(2): 149-157  
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Hypericin, a Naphthodianthrone Derivative, Prevents Methylglyoxal-Induced Human Endothelial Cell Dysfunction
Moon Ho Do, and Sun Yeou Kim
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(2): 158-164  
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Chemical Constituents Identified from Fruit Body of Cordyceps bassiana and Their Anti-Inflammatory Activity
Wonse Suh, Gyeongsug Nam, Woo Seok Yang, Gi-Ho Sung, Sang Hee Shim, and Jae Youl Cho
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(2): 165-170  
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Characterization of a Biflaviolin Synthase CYP158A3 from Streptomyces avermitilis and Its Role in the Biosynthesis of Secondary Metabolites
Young-Ran Lim, Songhee Han, Joo-Hwan Kim, Hyoung-Goo Park, Ga-Young Lee, Thien-Kim Le, Chul-Ho Yun, and Donghak Kim
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(2): 171-176  
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Auranofin Suppresses Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor-2 Expression through Annexin A5 Induction in Human Prostate Cancer Cells
Dong-Won Shin, Yeo-Jung Kwon, Dong-Jin Ye, Hyoung-Seok Baek, Joo-Eun Lee, and Young-Jin Chun
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(2): 177-185  
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Tetrandrine Exerts a Radiosensitization Effect on Human Glioma through Inhibiting Proliferation by Attenuating ERK Phosphorylation
Ji-wei Ma, Yong Zhang, Ji-cheng Ye, Ru Li, Yu-Lin Wen, Jian-xian Huang, and Xue-yun Zhong
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(2): 186-193  
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Calcium Signaling of Lysophosphatidylethanolamine through LPA1 in Human SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma Cells
Jung-Min Lee, Soo-Jin Park, and Dong-Soon Im
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(2): 194-201  
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Ginsenoside Rb1 Inhibits Doxorubicin-Triggered H9C2 Cell Apoptosis via Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor
Yaxin Zhang, Yuguang Wang, Zengchun Ma, Qiande Liang, Xianglin Tang, Hongling Tan, Chengrong Xiao, and Yue Gao
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(2): 202-212  
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Baicalein Inhibits the Migration and Invasion of B16F10 Mouse Melanoma Cells through Inactivation of the PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathway
Eun-Ok Choi, Eun-Ju Cho, Jin-Woo Jeong, Cheol Park, Su-Hyun Hong, Hye-Jin Hwang, Sung-Kwon Moon, Chang Gue Son, Wun-Jae Kim, and Yung Hyun Choi
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(2): 213-221  
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Erratum to “Protective Effects of Ecklonia stolonifera Extract on Ethanol-Induced Fatty Liver in Rats” [Biomol.Ther. 24 (2016) 650–658]
Chae-Young Bang, Jae-Hyuk Byun, Hye-Kyung Choi, Jae-Sue Choi, and Se-Young Choung
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(2): 222-222  
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Strategies and Advancement in Antibody-Drug Conjugate Optimization for Targeted Cancer Therapeutics
Eunhee G. Kim, and Kristine M. Kim
Received: July 29, 2015; Revised: September 16, 2015; Accepted: September 23, 2015
Lobaric Acid Inhibits VCAM-1 Expression in TNF-α-Stimulated Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells via Modulation of NF-κB and MAPK Signaling Pathways
Ii-Seul Kwon, Joung-Han Yim, Hong-Kum Lee, and Suhkneung Pyo
Received: January 25, 2015; Revised: September 1, 2015; Accepted: September 24, 2015
Aloe-Emodin Protects RIN-5F (Pancreatic β-cell) Cell from Glucotoxicity via Regulation of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine and Downregulation of Bax and Caspase 3
Ali A Alshatwi, and P. Subash-Babu
Received: May 22, 2015; Revised: August 14, 2015; Accepted: September 15, 2015

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