Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(1): 1~90
Conceptual Progress for the Improvements in the Selectivity and Efficacy of G Protein-Coupled Receptor Therapeutics: An Overview
Kyeong-Man Kim
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(1): 1-3  
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Invited Reviews
Recent Progress in Understanding the Conformational Mechanism of Heterotrimeric G Protein Activation
Nguyen Minh Duc, Hee Ryung Kim, and Ka Young Chung
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(1): 4-11  
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Biased G Protein-Coupled Receptor Signaling: New Player in Modulating Physiology and Pathology
Zuzana Bologna, Jian-peng Teoh, Ahmed S. Bayoumi, Yaoliang Tang, and Il-man Kim
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(1): 12-25  
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Multifactorial Regulation of G Protein-Coupled Receptor Endocytosis
Xiaohan Zhang, and Kyeong-Man Kim
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(1): 26-43  
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β-Adrenergic Receptor and Insulin Resistance in the Heart
Supachoke Mangmool, Tananat Denkaew, Warisara Parichatikanond, and Hitoshi Kurose
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(1): 44-56  
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Evolutionary and Comparative Genomics to Drive Rational Drug Design, with Particular Focus on Neuropeptide Seven-Transmembrane Receptors
Michael Furlong, and Jae Young Seong
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(1): 57-68  
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US28, a Virally-Encoded GPCR as an Antiviral Target for Human Cytomegalovirus Infection
Sungjin Lee, Yoon Hee Chung, and Choongho Lee
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(1): 69-79  
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Sphingosine 1-Phosphate Receptor Modulators and Drug Discovery
Soo-Jin Park, and Dong-Soon Im
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2017; 25(1): 80-90  
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Strategies and Advancement in Antibody-Drug Conjugate Optimization for Targeted Cancer Therapeutics
Eunhee G. Kim, and Kristine M. Kim
Received: July 29, 2015; Revised: September 16, 2015; Accepted: September 23, 2015
Lobaric Acid Inhibits VCAM-1 Expression in TNF-α-Stimulated Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells via Modulation of NF-κB and MAPK Signaling Pathways
Ii-Seul Kwon, Joung-Han Yim, Hong-Kum Lee, and Suhkneung Pyo
Received: January 25, 2015; Revised: September 1, 2015; Accepted: September 24, 2015
Aloe-Emodin Protects RIN-5F (Pancreatic β-cell) Cell from Glucotoxicity via Regulation of Pro-Inflammatory Cytokine and Downregulation of Bax and Caspase 3
Ali A Alshatwi, and P. Subash-Babu
Received: May 22, 2015; Revised: August 14, 2015; Accepted: September 15, 2015

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