Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2018; 26(3): 225~334
Invited Reviews
Effects and Mechanisms of Taurine as a Therapeutic Agent
Stephen Schaffer, and Ha Won Kim
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2018; 26(3): 225-241  
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Towards the Application of Human Defensins as Antivirals
Mee Sook Park, Jin Il Kim, Ilseob Lee, Sehee Park, Joon-Yong Bae, and Man-Seong Park
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2018; 26(3): 242-254  
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Invited Reviews
Depolarizing Effectors of Bradykinin Signaling in Nociceptor Excitation in Pain Perception
Seung-In Choi, and Sun Wook Hwang
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2018; 26(3): 255-267  
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Original Articles
Administration of Alphas1-Casein Hydrolysate Increases Sleep and Modulates GABAA Receptor Subunit Expression
Taddesse Yayeh, Yea-Hyun Leem, Kyung-Mi Kim, Jae-Chul Jung, Jessica Schwarz, Ki-Wan Oh, and Seikwan Oh
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2018; 26(3): 268-273  
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The Effects of Donepezil, an Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitor, on Impaired Learning and Memory in Rodents
Chang Yell Shin, Hae-Sun Kim, Kwang-Ho Cha, Dong Han Won, Ji-Yun Lee, Sun Woo Jang, and Uy Dong Sohn
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2018; 26(3): 274-281  
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Designing Tyrosinase siRNAs by Multiple Prediction Algorithms and Evaluation of Their Anti-Melanogenic Effects
Ok-Seon Kwon, Soo-Jung Kwon, Jin Sang Kim, Gunbong Lee, Han-Joo Maeng, Jeongmi Lee, Gwi Seo Hwang, Hyuk-Jin Cha, and Kwang-Hoon Chun
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2018; 26(3): 282-289  
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Construction of a Transcriptome-Driven Network at the Early Stage of Infection with Influenza A H1N1 in Human Lung Alveolar Epithelial Cells
Myungguen Chung, Soo Young Cho, and Young Seek Lee
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2018; 26(3): 290-297  
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Collagen-Induced Arthritis Analysis in Rhbdf2 Knockout Mouse
Min-Young Lee, Ju-Seong Kang, Ryeo-Eun Go, Yong-Sub Byun, Young Jin Wi, Kyung-A Hwang, Jae-Hoon Choi, Hyoung-Chin Kim, Kyung-Chul Choi, and Ki-Hoan Nam
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2018; 26(3): 298-305  
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Development of S-Methylmethionine Sulfonium Derivatives and Their Skin-Protective Effect against Ultraviolet Exposure
Won-Serk Kim, Wang-Kyun Kim, Nahyun Choi, Wonhee Suh, Jinu Lee, Dae-Duk Kim, Ikyon Kim, and Jong-Hyuk Sung
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2018; 26(3): 306-312  
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Cellular Prion Protein Enhances Drug Resistance of Colorectal Cancer Cells via Regulation of a Survival Signal Pathway
Jun Hee Lee, Chul Won Yun, and Sang Hun Lee
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2018; 26(3): 313-321  
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Gomisin G Inhibits the Growth of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells by Suppressing AKT Phosphorylation and Decreasing Cyclin D1
Sony Maharjan, Byoung Kwon Park, Su In Lee, Yoonho Lim, Keunwook Lee, and Hyung-Joo Kwon
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2018; 26(3): 322-327  
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Panduratin A Inhibits Cell Proliferation by Inducing G0/G1 Phase Cell Cycle Arrest and Induces Apoptosis in Breast Cancer Cells
Qiuming Liu, Yali Cao, Ping Zhou, Shimin Gui, Xiaobo Wu, Yong Xia, and Jianhong Tu
Biomolecules & Therapeutics 2018; 26(3): 328-334  
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Biased G Protein-Coupled Receptor Signaling: New Player in Modulating Physiology and Pathology
Zuzana Bologna, Jian-peng Teoh, Ahmed S. Bayoumi, Yaoliang Tang, and Il-man Kim
Received: July 30, 2016; Revised: August 19, 2016; Accepted: August 23, 2016
Marine-Derived Pharmaceuticals ? Challenges and Opportunities
Ulrike Lindequist
Received: August 11, 2016; Revised: October 4, 2016; Accepted: October 5, 2016
Marine Sponges as a Drug Treasure
Komal Anjum, Syed Qamar Abbas, Sayed Asmat Ali Shah, Najeeb Akhter, Sundas Batool, and Syed Shams ul Hassan
Received: March 24, 2016; Revised: April 28, 2016; Accepted: May 19, 2016

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