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Cell Surface Antigen Display for Neuronal Differentiation-Specific Tracking
Sang Chul Kim1,†, Eun-Hye Lee2,†, Ji Hea Yu3, Sang-Mi Kim2, Bae-Geun Nam3,4, Hee Yong Chung1,2,5, Yeon-Soo Kim6, Sung-Rae Cho3,4,* and Chang-Hwan Park1,2,5,*
1Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering, Hanyang University, Seoul 04763,
2Hanyang Biomedical Research Institute, Hanyang University, Seoul 04763,
3Department and Research Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul 03722,
4Graduate Program of NanoScience and Technology, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul 03722,
5Department of Microbiology, College of Medicine, Hanyang University, Seoul 04763,
6Department of New Drug Discovery & Development, Graduate School of New Drug Discovery & Development, Chungnam NationalUniversity, Daejeon 34134, Republic of Korea
E-mail: SR), (Park CH)
Tel: +82-2-2228-3715 (Cho SR), +82-2-2220-0646 (Park CH)
Fax: +82-2-363-2795 (Cho SR), +82-2-2220-2422 (Park CH)
Received: June 19, 2018; Revised: September 27, 2018; Accepted: September 27, 2018; Published online: November 21, 2018.
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Cell therapeutic agents for treating degenerative brain diseases using neural stem cells are actively being developed. However, few systems have been developed to monitor in real time whether the transplanted neural stem cells are actually differentiated into neurons. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a technology capable of specifically monitoring neuronal differentiation in vivo. In this study, we established a system that expresses cell membrane-targeting red fluorescent protein under control of the Synapsin promoter in order to specifically monitor differentiation from neural stem cells into neurons. In order to overcome the weak expression level of the tissue-specific promoter system, the partial 5’ UTR sequence of Creb was added for efficient expression of the cell surface-specific antigen. This system was able to track functional neuronal differentiation of neural stem cells transplanted in vivo, which will help improve stem cell therapies.
Keywords: Neuron specific, Surface antigen, Differentiation, In vivo monitoring

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