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Fig. 6. Differentiated NPCs pretreated with VPA display increased activity-dependent calcium entry. Calcium was measured using Fluo-3AM in NPCs after 15 mM or 50 mM KCl treatment of VPA-pretreated NPCs. (A) The maximum amplitude of calcium responses of NPCs treated with vehicle or VPA to 15 mM KCl. Maximum fluorescence was normalized to baseline (Fbase). VPA-treated NPCs showed an enhanced Ca2+ influx in response to 15 mM KCl stimulation (N=13, t-test, t(24)=8.55, p<0.0001). (B) The percentage of calcium responsive cells exhibiting significantly increased Ca2+ response upon stimulation with 15 or 50 mM KCl. (C) Cacna1c mRNA levels measured through real-time PCR were not significantly changed (N=4, F(2, 9)=0.6556, p=0.5423). Data are presented as mean ± SEM. ***p<0.001.
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