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Fig. 2. Inhibitory effects of flavonoids on the formation of Aβ1–42 fibrils. Monomeric human Aβ1–42 peptide (20 μM) was incubated with various concentrations of test compounds and 5 μM thioflavin T (ThT) at 37°C. The fluorescent intensity of ThT-Aβ fibrils were measured every 10 min using a plate reader. Note that the fluorescent intensity in the samples of ThT alone declined over time due to photobleaching after repetitive measurements. (A) Time-course of Aβ1–42 fibrillization in the presence of various concentrations of amentoflavone. (B) Concentration-dependent inhibitory effects of the test compounds on Aβ1–42 fibrillization were plotted.
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