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Fig. 1. Morphological changes of etoposide-treated astrocytes in vitro. (A) Astrocytes were stained to determine the activity of senescence-associated beta-galactosidase (SA-β-gal). Astrocytes were treated with DMSO (vehicle) or 10 μM etoposide for 24 h. Stained astrocytes were taken at 100x magnification and black triangles indicate SA-β-gal-positive cells. The graph represents the fold change in SA-β-gal-positive cell number in 10 μM etoposidetreated astrocytes. (B) Astrocytes were stained to determine the nuclear size. The graph presents the percent of nuclear size compared to control. The bars represent the mean ± SEM. * indicates p<0.05 and, ** indicates p<0.01 vs. vehicle group.
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