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Fig. 3. Effects of AUY954 on microglial NF-κB expression in post-ischemic brain. Mice were challenged with tMCAO. AUY954 (AUY, 5 mg/kg, p.o.) was then administered immediately after reperfusion. Expression of NF-κB(p65) and microglial NF-κB(p65) was determined through immunohistochemical analysis at 3 days after tMCAO challenge. (A) Representative photographs and (B) quantification of the number of NF-κB(p65)- and NF-κB(p65)/Iba1-immunopositive cells in the ischemic core region. Scale bar=50 μm. n=4–5 mice per group. ***p<0.001 versus sham group. ###p<0.001 versus vehicle-administered tMCAO mice (tMCAO+veh).
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