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Fig. 1. GPCR structures and database analysis of helix 8. (A) Two-dimensional (2D) (upper panel) and 3D (lower panel) structures of the β2-adrenergic receptor (β2AR) (PDB: 3SN6), a representative class A GPCR. Helix 8 is highlighted in orange. (B) High-resolution crystal structure of a β2AR-Gs complex (PDB: 3SN6) with β2AR in light blue and the Gsα Ras-like domain in green. (C) High-resolution crystal structure of a rhodopsin-arrestin complex (PDB: 5W0P), with rhodospin in yellow and arrestin in blue. (D) Representative positions of side chains in helix 8 of β2AR (PDB: 3SN6). (E) Database analysis of helix 8 of all class A GPCRs whose coupling G proteins are known. (F) Schematic illustration of helix 8 chimeric constructs of D1R and D2R.
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