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Fig. 4. Rapamycin attenuated curcumin-induced cell death. (A) A172 glioblastoma cells were treated with 10 μM curcumin in the presence of 100 nM rapamycin, autophagy inducer. Cell lysates were prepared and LC3 proteins were detected by western blotting. (B, C) A172 cells were treated with 10 μM curcumin for 24 h. Then, cell viability was measured by MTT assay as described in materials and methods (B). Dead cells were estimated by trypan blue exclusion assay (C). Data in bar graph represent mean ± SED. **p<0.01, significantly different from curcumin-untreated and rapamycin-untreated control. ##p<0.01, significantly different from curcumin-treated and rapamycin-untreated control.
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