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Fig. 1. RLYE decreases VEGF-induced angiogenic activity in HRMECs. HRMECs were pretreated with or without RLYE (0.15 nM) for 30 min prior to stimulation with VEGF-A (10 ng/mL) for the indicated time periods, followed by assessment of angiogenic activity. (A) After 24 h of stimulation, cell proliferation was determined by the [3H]-thymidine incorporation assay (n=4). (B) After 4 h of stimulation, chemotactic cell migration was determined by the Boyden chamber assay. The migrated cells were quantified by counting the cells using a computer-aided optical microscope (n=4). (C) After 20 h of stimulation, tube-like structures were photographed using an inverted phase-contrast microscope, and the tube length was quantified using ImageJ software (NIH) (n=4). **p<0.01.
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