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Fig. 1. Effect of S1P2 deficiency on bleomycin-induced lung inflammation. Bleomycin or saline was administered intratracheally to S1P2 WT and KO mice. Seven days after bleomycin instillation, cells in BALF were counted by flow cytometry. (A) Total cell counts in the BALF of PBS-treated S1P2 WT mice (S1P2 WT-PBS), bleomycin-treated S1P2 WT mice (S1P2 WT-bleomycin), PBS-treated S1P2 KO mice (S1P2 KO-PBS), and bleomycin-treated S1P2 KO mice (S1P2 KO-bleomycin). (B) Histological analysis of lung tissues from each group was performed by H&E staining. On the 7th day after treatment, lung tissues of bleomycin-treated WT mice showed lung inflammation, but lung tissues from KO mice exhibited a lower inflammatory response compared to the WT mice. Results are presented as mean ± SE (n=6). Statistical significance: ***p<0.001 vs. PBS-treated S1P2 WT mice and ##p<0.01 vs. bleomycin-treated S1P2 WT mice.
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