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Fig. 4. CYC116 inhibits PCA and PSA. (A) An intradermal injection of IgE (50 ng) into the back skins of mice was conducted. After 24 h, CYC116 was administered orally 1 h prior to the injection of antigen (100 µg) containing Evans blue into the tail vein. The severity of PCA was evaluated, as described in “Materials and Methods.” Representative images (upper panel) of the back skins and the quantification (lower panel) of extravasated Evans blue are shown. (B) Mice were injected with IgE (3 µg) into tail vein. After 24 h, CYC116 or cetirizine (20 mg/kg, as a reference drug) was administered orally 1 h prior to the i.v. injection of an antigen (100 µg). The severity of PSA is measured by the reduction of rectal temperature as described in “Materials and Methods.” The values are shown as the means ± SEM (n=10 per group). Significant differences compared to IgE-only group (A) or PBS (B) are indicated, *p<0.05 and **p<0.01 (A) or ##p<0.01 for cetirizine or **p<0.01 for CYC116 (B). Ag, antigen.
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