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Fig. 4. Effects of tenovin-1 on astrocyte migration into the scratch wound. The monolayer of rat primary astrocytes was scratched and the cells were treated with 0 and 4 μM tenovin-1. (A) Representative images of cells in the wound-healing assay. Blue lines show initial scratch-wound area. Red lines indicates wound area at each timepoint, calculated by IncuCyte software. Images and data obtained using IncuCyte under the 10× objective. (B) The graph represents the percentage of relative wound density in the scratch-wound area every 3 h. (C) Representative graph of cell migration into the wound area shows wound width (μm) in the modified scratch-wound assay analysis at each 3-h timepoint. Values are expressed as the mean ± SEM. * indicates p<0.05, ** indicates p<0.01 compared to the vehicle-treated astrocytes.
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