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Fig. 5. The suggested flavonoids with core structures showing reasonable inhibitory action on chronic inflammatory responses and clinical trials of some flavonoids. Among a variety of flavonoids, flavonoids such as EGCG, apigenin, kaempferol, quercetin, and 2′,3′,5,7-tetrahydroxyflavone have shown anti-inflammatory activities in many previous reports. In particular, their inhibitory actions are effective for blocking chronic inflammatory mechanisms such as arthritis, inflammaging, meta-inflammation, inflammatory resolution, autophagy and inflammasome-related diseases (A). So far, clinical trials of some flavonoids such as EGCG and quercetin have been processed for several diseases but there is a necessity of more clinical trials for chronic disorders accompanying with these inflammatory responses. Some recent completed clinical trials of flavonoids, EGCG and quercetin, are demonstrated (B). N/A, Not applicable.
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