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Fig. 2. Effects of flavonoids on the expression of MMP and ADAMTS in osteoarthritis. MMP and ADAMTS are enzymes that play crucial roles in ECM degradation in osteoarthritis progression. Flavonoids such as apigenin and 2′,3′,5,7-tetrahydroxyflavone inhibit MMP-13 expression via c-Fos/AP-1 and JAK2/STAT1/2 pathway in IL-1β-treated chondrocyte cell line. In animal OA model, flavonoids such as silibinin, chrysin, baicalin, and wogonin show protective effects by downregulation of ADAMTS-4 and/or -5 expression through PI3K/Akt, NF-κB and/or Nrf2 signaling pathways. IL-1R, IL-1 receptor; IL-6R, IL-6 receptor.
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