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Fig. 5. Administration of 6-shogaol or 6-paradol suppresses TNF-α expression in spinal cords of EAE mice. Effects of 6-shogaol (Shog) and 6-paradol (Para) on TNF-α expression were examined by TNF-α immunolabeling. (A) Representative images of TNF-α immunoreactivity in the lumbar spinal cord of each group. (Insets) High magnification image of TNF-α-immunopositive cells from the dorsal horn (DH), the ventral horn (VH), and the white matter (WM) of the spinal cord. (B) Quantification of the number of TNF-α-immunopositive cells. Scale bars, 100 μm (inset, 50 μm). n=4 per group. ***p<0.001 and ##p<0.01 vs. naïve and the vehicle-treated group, respectively, by Newman-Keuls multiple range test.
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