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Fig. 1. Administration of 6-shogaol or 6-paradol improves clinical symptoms of EAE. 6-Shogaol (Shog, 5 mg/kg), 6-paradol (Para, 5 mg/kg), or vehicle (Veh) was orally given daily into symptomatic EAE mice, from days 29 to 42 after immunization. On day 43, the experiment was completed. (A) Mean clinical score of each group. ▿ or ▾ indicate the start or stop of a daily drug administration. Clinical scores of experimental groups were statistically analyzed by Mann-Whitney’s test and actual p values were documented (). (B) Cumulative score of each mouse was calculated as the sum of all scores from days 30 to 43 in each mouse. The mean value was then obtained for each group. n=9–10 per group. **p<0.01 vs. the vehicle-treated group (Newman-Keuls multiple range test).
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