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Fig. 1. Effects of METH and EC on cell viability in HT22 hippocampal neuronal cells. (A) HT22 cells were treated with various concentrations of METH for 24 h. (B) Cells were pretreated with EC for 1 h, and incubated with 5 mM METH for 24 h. The cell viability was determined by MTT assay and the percent cell viability was plotted as the means ± SEM of at least three experiments. (C) Live/Dead viability/cytotoxicity assay depicts the cytotoxic effects of METH and EC in HT22 cells. Fluorescence images of viable cells were stained with calcein-AM (green) and dead cells were stained with ethidium homodimer 1 (red). Percentage of viable cells was calculated under a fluorescence microscope. A total of five random quadrants were selected from each triplicate for quantification. Data are expressed as mean ± SEM. *p<0.01 when compared with untreated control cells. #p<0.01 when compared with METH-treated cells.
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